Cool Store Construction and Maintenance

A quality Cool Store costs less to maintain and lasts reliably for years which can be a huge benefit to your business. We've been building Cool Stores for 30+ years so you know you'll get a quality building.

Features and Benefits

  • We manage the entire project for you so you only have to liaise with one person until the project is completed.
  • We have experts on staff but also have contracts with Contractors such as Plumbers and Electricians to ensure you get the best solution available.
  • We'll save you money and time because all of our experts work together to complete your project as quickly as possible.
  • Our team have decades of experience so you know the job will be done right.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How much will it cost?
A1: Our hourly rate ranges from $55 to $120 per hour depending on the type of service you require but we'll break that all down in the quote we supply you.

Q2: Do you guarantee your work?
A2: Yes. We guarantee that labour and materials will meet the requirements set out in our quote.

Q3: What are your payment terms?
A3: For smaller projects under $2,000 we ask you to pay on the completion of the project. For larger projects we'll set out a schedule of payments identified in our quote.

Q4: What other Cools Stores have you built?
A4: Click here to view our portfolio.

Q5: How quickly will my project be completed?
A5: Most smaller projects will be completed in 30 days but based on your project, we'll provide an estimated completion date in our quote.

Q6: Can you supply finance for my project?
A6: Yes. We've partnered with a Global Finance Limited who can help you with finance.

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We manufacture:


We manufacture:

Walk in chillers

We make the best Chillers in the Hawkes Bay.

Click here to view examples

Walk in freezers

Walk in freezers are essential for many larger businesses.


We're experts in the installation and repair of Polypanel.


Programmed sliding door maintenance

We have the tools and experience to ensure your door work correctly.

Gasket repairs

Done quickly and to a high standard to ensure your company isn't losing money.

Door realignments

We can fix those doors so they're easier to close and not mistakenly left open which is wasting you money.

Controlled atmosphere doors

We can build, repair or improve your controlled atmosphere doors.

Repairs/replacement of damaged panels

We're experts with panels and can quickly fix them for you.

Packinghouse maintenance

We can handle all of your maintenance and provide regular schedules and reports.

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